Georgia Law

Unlike many countries, the United States has a legal framework in place that makes substantial compensation for asbestos-related injuries a real possibility.

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In order to pursue an asbestos lawsuit in Georgia, the plaintiff must prove that he/she was exposed to the defendant's asbestos containing product. Without this proof, a lawsuit is not possible. At Buck Law Firm, we have more than 18 years of experience helping individuals exposed to asbestos assert their legal rights. We know the law and can help you prove you were the victim of asbestos exposure based on the following:

  • Your testimony that you worked with or around an asbestos-containing product.
  • Your identification by name of an employee with whom you worked with and testimony from that employee that he/she used the asbestos-containing product(s).
  • Testimony from a co-worker identifying you by name as working in the same vicinity with him and stating that he/she used the defendant's asbestos-containing product(s).

Georgia law indicates that a single exposure to an asbestos-containing product is sufficient to cause mesothelioma, and can be used as grounds to bring a lawsuit. There can also be more than one "proximate cause" for mesothelioma. This means that if you were exposed to asbestos-containing products from several different companies you do not have to establish that any one of their products was more than a "contributing factor" to your mesothelioma (it would be extremely difficult to determine which particular product actually caused the mesothelioma tumors).

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