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Prescription drugs are designed to help individuals but sometimes they have adverse effects. When pharmaceutical companies cut corners, individuals are put at great risk. If you or your loved one has suffered serious side effects from a defective pharmaceutical drug, experienced representation is paramount.

At Buck Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, we fight relentlessly to protect individuals whose lives have been turned upside-down from negligent pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. When manufactures fail to fully test prescription drugs or avoid warning consumers about potential risks, the results can be catastrophic and sometimes deadly. You should never have had to suffer. We will not rest until any at-fault parties are held accountable.

Contact our lawyer to find out if you have a dangerous drug lawsuit. All of our personal injury claims are handled on a contingency basis. You will pay nothing upfront and our initial consultations are free. There is no risk in reaching out to us for help. We take cases throughout Georgia.

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Attorney Rob Buck started this law firm to provide a voice for individuals put at risk from individuals' negligent actions. He has more than 18 years of experience serving as a tireless advocate for victims of defective pharmaceutical drugs and families with wrongful death claims.

The attorneys at our firm share his passion for representing clients suffering from no fault of their own. As a legal team, we have advocated for thousands of clients with lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing faulty prescription drugs such as:

  • Reglan — If you have been prescribed Reglan or its generic equivalent Metoclopramide, you could suffer from tardive dyskinesia. There is currently no cure for this serious neurological disorder.
  • Accutane — This pharmaceutical drug is suppose to provide relief to individuals suffering from acne. Unfortunately, this drug has been linked to serious side effects, including Crohn's disease.
  • Avandia — Individuals dealing with Type 2 diabetes have been prescribed Avandia. Unfortunately, this drug has been known to cause serious heart problems.
  • Paxil — Many doctors prescribe Paxil to patients dealing with depression. The risks of the pharmaceutical drug are not always made clear. In fact, birth defects and suicides have been linked to the drug.
  • Zoloft — Zoloft has been preferred over many antidepressants as a safer alternative. Yet, the pharmaceutical drug has been linked to many birth defects.
  • Phen-Fen — Many people concerned with their weight turned to Phen-Fen for help. However, the product was pulled from the market once it was linked to hypertension and other serious lung and heart problems.
  • Pondimin — Individuals suffering from obesity started using Pondimin as it promised to provide relief in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this drug has been linked to diarrhea, drowsiness and dry mouth.
  • Redux — People looking for weight loss help turned to Redux. However, this prescription drug has been known to cause insomnia, depression and other serious side effects.
  • Vioxx — Individuals dealing with arthritis and chronic pain were prescribed Vioxx. Unfortunately, this was pulled off the market after it was linked to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Yaz — Yaz was marketed to woman as a new form of birth control. However, Yaz has been linked to serious side effects, including fatal blood clots.
  • Zantac — Many doctors prescribe Zantac to treat and prevent stomach ulcers. Before taking this, you should know Zantac has been linked to pneumonia.

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If you or a loved one has been injured, we want you to receive full financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, disabilities that prohibit your return to work, pain and suffering, and other damages. Our attorneys are accomplished litigators who will fight for your rights to compensation and hold responsible parties accountable.

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