General Negative Effects Of Drugs

At the Buck Law Firm, we believe that when you are seriously ill, you should be able to take the medicine prescribed for you by your doctor — without endangering your health.

Experienced Representation For Victims Of Potentially Dangerous Drugs

If you have suffered the negative effects of a potentially dangerous drug that found its way onto the market, reach out immediately to an experienced lawyer who has helped thousands of Georgians in courtrooms around the state. You should contact Robert C. Buck. For 15 years, he has been a Georgia dangerous drugs lawyer, fighting hard for Georgia victims. He is committed to helping his clients receive the full financial compensation for every sacrifice they have had to endure.

The Buck Law Firm wants you to receive full financial compensation for every sacrifice you have had to endure: lost wages, medical bills, disabilities that prohibit your return to work, and pain and suffering.

If You Were Put At Risk, The Buck Law Firm In Atlanta Can Help

Here are just a few of the dangerous drugs whose manufacturers we have successfully opposed in pharmaceutical litigation:

  • Vioxx — adverse reactions include stroke, heart attack and blood clots
  • Avandia — known to cause congestive heart failure, heart attack, fluid retention and edema
  • Diet drugs (fen-phen, Redux) — causing heart valve disease and aortic regurgitation
  • Reglan and Metoclopramide — have been shown to cause the neurological disorder tardive dyskinesia

The Buck Law Firm works hard for you on a contingency fee basis. This means you owe no attorney fee until your case is won. We want you to be able to focus exclusively on your recovery while we aggressively negotiate and litigate in your best interests.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer Committed To Helping You Take Action

The Buck Law Firm is committed to helping those who have suffered illness or injury from prescription medication side effects. We can travel to you if your illness prevents you from visiting with us in Atlanta. Call this toll-free phone number now for a free consultation: 888-594-9958. Contact us today.