Tardive Dyskinesia Representation

More than two million persons nationwide have taken the drug Reglan, known generically as Metoclopramide, for gastrointestinal disorders and nausea.

Representing Tardive Dyskinesia Sufferers Throughout Georgia

The Food and Drug Administration's "black box warning" against the drug in February, 2009 targeted it as extremely dangerous. If you were a patient who was prescribed either of these drugs, you could be at risk for tardive dyskinesia — a serious neurological disorder.

Termination of the use of Reglan and Metoclopramide have been known to reduce symptoms of tardive dyskinesia. Overall, however, there is currently no cure for this condition.

Fighting Back Against Defective Drugs Over 18 Years

When your health and legal rights are on the line, the Buck Law Firm is in your corner. Founder Robert C. Buck has fought hard for victims of dangerous drugs, for more than 18 years in Georgia courts.

You should speak with him, and with a physician, if you are exhibiting symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, such as:

  • Uncontrolled movements of arms, legs and torso
  • Involuntary movements of face, jaw, mouth and tongue
  • Uncontrollable blinking, grimacing and smacking
  • Rapid eye movement disorder or rapid eye blinking

If you have taken the drugs Reglan or Metoclopramide for an extended period of time, exceeding 12 weeks, or used it in very high doses — you are at risk for contraction of tardive dyskinesia. Elderly women are at risk, as are children who have used these drugs to combat erosive esophagitis or acid reflux.

Come to the law firm that has helped thousands of Georgia victims of dangerous drugs. The Buck Law Firm offers free initial consultations and maximum 24/7 availability to your questions and concerns.

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If you are a former or current Reglan or Metoclopramide user, or are suffering from tardive dyskinesia, contact us. We will travel to wherever you are in Georgia, to fight for your right to full financial compensation. He operates on a contingency fee basis — you owe no attorney fee unless your lawsuit is won.