Methods Of Diagnosis

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There are varied methods of diagnosing mesothelioma that can determine the severity, or "staging," of your condition, including:

  • Chest X-ray — to view and analyze abnormalities
  • Complete blood count — samples checked for red cells, white cells, hemoglobin count
  • Lung biopsy — examination of lung cells that may be cancerous
  • Bronchoscopy — lungs viewed through nose or mouth
  • Cytologic exam — examination of cells, or lung and abdomen fluid, by microscope
  • PET scan — noninvasive determination of tumor locations
  • Mesomark assay — blood test to detect mesothelioma in early stages
  • CAT scan — three-dimensional, detailed views of abnormalities
  • MRI — magnetic resonance imaging analyzed by a radiologist
  • Endoscopic ultrasound — a probe produces images of affected organs

Mesothelioma is designated by the stage of the disease numbered one through four. In rare instances, mesothelioma is judged to be "benign" — meaning it can be cured or contained through surgery, though it can also recur.

Consultations leading to your diagnosis, treatments, surgery and convalescence can be physically wearing, emotionally stressful and expensive. Parties responsible for your asbestos exposure, those whose negligence led to your mesothelioma, should be held liable.

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