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If your exposure to asbestos has caused you to contract mesothelioma, a physician and attorney who specialize in this practice area can work together to help you address your injuries.

Your mesothelioma doctor strives to treat what is wrong with you. Your mesothelioma attorney tries to right the wrong that was done to you.

The Buck Law Firm is a mesothelioma law firm that cares — a Georgia law firm for Georgia victims. We represent asbestos victims throughout the state, working hard to obtain full financial compensation for those who contracted the illness through no fault of their own.

You need and deserve money for your professional and personal sacrifice, and for your family's future. The Buck Law Firm fights tirelessly for your right to receive it. Contact the Buck Law Firm in Atlanta today. Our toll-free number is 888-594-9958.

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Treatment options for your mesothelioma or asbestos-related disease include:

  • Surgery — diagnostic, palliative, curative
  • Chemotherapy — targets, destroys and limits the spread of cancerous cells
  • Radiation therapy — killing cancer cells in a limited area of the body
  • Angiogenesis — medication used to block tumor growth
  • Immunotherapy — boosts the immune system, to fight cancerous cells
  • Photodynamic therapy — photosensitive drugs used to expose and destroy cancerous cells
  • Gene therapy — replacement of genes that promote tumor growth

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