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Slip and fall incidents can lead to terrible injuries

Premises liability is an area of law that covers a wide range of injurious events or dangerous conditions. For example, if a restaurant or club doesn't provide adequate or well-trained security and an incident occurs that leaves people injured, then a premises liability lawsuit may be in order. Similarly, if a heavily damaged sidewalk causes someone to suffer injuries, or if a store owner fails to clean off a dangerous condition in front of their store, then they could be held accountable via a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip and fall accidents are another example of common events that spark a premises liability lawsuit. These occur when restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and many other businesses or companies fail to maintain a safe environment for their customers and patrons. A typical reason why a slip and fall occurs is because a spilled substance was left on the ground and the store failed to adequately and promptly clean up the spill.

You will typically see this in grocery stores, where spilled liquids are common. Slippery conditions in these stores can cause truly devastating falls that can brutally injure people. Brain injuries, broken bones, and even fatal injuries can be suffered as a result of a slip and fall.

For those victims that have suffered a slip and fall, you should talk to an attorney about your case. The Buck Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia has experience with premises liability cases and slip and fall cases, and we want to help you in your time of need.

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