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What medical options are available for mesothelioma?

After receiving a diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease from a Georgia doctor, you have a challenging road ahead of you. One of the first considerations is what treatment options are available. For instance, even though no cure for mesothelioma exists, some treatments may help your situation. 

Chemotherapy could help to stop, or at least slow down, the spread of the cancer cells. Radiation therapy targets a certain area of the body in which to kill cancer cells. You could be prescribed medications to slow the growth of tumors. Speaking of tumors, gene therapy has been used to achieve the same goal if the circumstances are right.

Some photosensitive medications could help to reveal and kill cancer cells. You may benefit from immunotherapies designed to boost your immune system, which may help fight the spread of your disease as a result. Even surgery may be considered as a viable treatment depending on your circumstances.

All of these treatments may sound like they could help, and they also sound like they could be expensive. Mesothelioma is almost exclusively attributed to asbestos exposure, which means that someone apparently failed to protect you from its effect. Even though your exposure more than likely occurred decades ago, you could still be entitled to restitution for the damage that exposure caused to your body, and tangentially, to your family as well.

If doctors have diagnosed you with mesothelioma, you may have legal options to recover some of the financial losses you have, and will, incur as your disease progresses. During this time, you need to focus on your life, not on filing deadlines, gathering the appropriate evidence and going to court. While you and your doctor deal with treating your body, you may want to consider letting a Georgia attorney deal with the legal issues you face in your pursuit of legal recourse.

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