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Premises liability claims: What hazards could you face?

Like other Georgia residents, you go to work, stores and to other public places on a regular basis. Perhaps you have been to one particular place hundreds of times without incident, and then one day, something happens that causes you serious injuries. When it comes to premises liability claims, numerous hazards could fall under this umbrella.

In most cases, the location itself provides certain hazards. For instance, if you work at a construction site, you would expect that the equipment used could cause you harm. However, when you frequent other locations, such as your local grocery store, you don't expect to end up injured.

Using the grocery store example, you could slip and fall on any number of liquids or semi-liquids throughout the store. Perhaps a floor was just mopped, but an employee failed to put out a warning sign and you fell. As you enter the store, there could be ice or snow that was not cleared.

Even working in an office has its dangers. If furniture or equipment is ill placed, it could cause a hazard. Any poorly maintained surfaces could result in injury as well.

No matter where you are when out in public, the owner or manager of the premises owes you a duty to make sure reasonable efforts are made to keep you safe. If a hazard exists that was known, or should have been known, and you suffer injuries as a result, it could constitute grounds for a premises liability claim. It may be beneficial to talk to a Georgia attorney who can review the situation and help you determine what steps to take next.

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