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Will surgery be part of your treatment for mesothelioma?

Being diagnosed with a serious and often fatal asbestos-related condition can be frightening. At the same time that you know you may not survive beyond a certain amount of time, you want to do everything you can to fight mesothelioma. Depending on your particular case, Georgia doctors may be telling you that you may need surgery as part of your treatment. 

Whether surgery is an option for you depends on several factors, including your overall health and how far along your illness is. You may undergo one or more diagnostic procedures to verify your diagnosis of mesothelioma. These include a thoracotomy, a peritoneoscopy and a thorcoscopy. Each procedure involves making a small incision in a different part of the body in order to find the cancer.

Palliative procedures are not designed to treat the cancer, but instead to help alleviate some of your pain. For instance, if you have fluid buildup around your lungs, you may undergo a procedure to drain off that fluid. This could help make it easier for you to breathe. Other surgical procedures are considered curative because they remove cancerous tissues in your organs, which could slow the progression of the disease.

Surgery is just one of the treatment options that you will more than likely be presented with when doctors suspect that you have mesothelioma. Surgeries alone can cost thousands of dollars and prevent you from working. Fortunately, you may be able to pursue restitution for your financial losses even though the event that caused your illness took placed decades ago. It may be beneficial for you to discuss your situation with a Georgia attorney who understands the challenges involved in cases such as yours.

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