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Did talc in powder cause man's mesothelioma?

Like most everyone else in the country, many Georgia residents picture building materials, brakes or other products when asked about asbestos exposure. More than likely, talc powder probably does not come to mind. Even so, an out-of-state man claims that it caused him to contract mesothelioma.

The 46-year-old claims his exposure began shortly after birth. He says the use of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder on him over the years exposed him to asbestos fibers, which he inhaled. He estimates that his last exposure was in 2003. He "occasionally" smoked cigars over the years until around 2002.

The New Jersey resident claims that the company failed to warn consumers about the potential dangers of using the product due to the presence of asbestos. He claims that the product warnings were inadequate and constituted false advertising. This is not the first case against J&J regarding its talc products. Other cases were settled, and one case in California resulted in the court failing to find the company at fault. The company continues to make assertions that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause mesothelioma or ovarian cancer.

As more of these cases come to light and end up in court, it may help determine once and for all if these products cause mesothelioma. Until then, victims of this aggressive, rare and fatal cancer may not always know how or when they were exposed to asbestos. Anyone here in Georgia who may face this situation could benefit from discussing the situation with an attorney who routinely handles cases for those suffering from mesothelioma.

Source: mycentraljersey.com, "J&J talc trial to begin in New Brunswick", Dave Schatz, Jan. 21, 2018

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