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Georgia victims of mesothelioma may require chemotherapy

After being exposed to asbestos decades ago, you may have found yourself suffering from symptoms that made you go to see a doctor. After an initial examination, you may have been sent to a Georgia hospital in order to confirm the diagnosis that you may have dreaded for years -- mesothelioma. As you work with your doctors to determine the best course of treatment for you, you may be facing chemotherapy as part of it.

Your doctors probably told you that chemotherapy and other treatments will not cure your condition. However, it may help reduce some of your symptoms (such as pain), slow or stop the progression of cancer cell multiplication or shrink tumors prior to surgery. It may also be useful in destroying any cancerous cells not removed during your surgery.

The type of chemotherapy that is right for you depends on numerous factors, including what stage your mesothelioma is in and what type it is. You could be given a combination of chemotherapy medications either in pill form or intravenously. You have probably already surmised that this and the other treatments you need will be costly. You may wonder how you will afford the care that may give you more time with your family and keep you comfortable.

In order to get your questions answered, you may find it beneficial to discuss your situation with a Georgia attorney who understands the challenges you face at this time. Whether you face surgery, chemotherapy or other treatments for mesothelioma, you probably need to know that the costs will be covered. The good news is that you have options and rights that could provide you with some solace.

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