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Has your doctor diagnosed you with an asbestos-related illness?

It could take years for you to suffer the adverse effects from exposure to a toxic substance. This is often the case with asbestos-related illnesses. In some cases, it takes decades for the exposure you suffered here in Georgia or elsewhere to result in a debilitating and/or deadly health condition such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

You may think that because the exposure took place so long ago that you do not have any legal options when it comes to seeking restitution for your condition. That may not be the case. You may still have the opportunity to file a lawsuit based on one of several legal premises.

Three of the most common include strict liability, negligence and breach of warranty. In general, under each legal theory, you would need to show the manufacturer and distributor (and possibly others) of a certain product had a duty to make sure it was safe, that duty was breached and that the breach caused your illness. Thereafter, you will need to show that you suffered damages as a result. Figuring out which legal theory fits your situation and how to proceed may not be an easy task.

If you find yourself suffering due to exposure to asbestos that more than likely took place years, if not decades ago, you may face challenges as you pursue litigation against those you believe to be responsible. This is not your only concern, however. You also need to focus on your health and your family during this trying time, for which you have probably sought support from your friends, family and doctors. When it comes to finding the support you need for your legal pursuits, it may help to seek out the advice and assistance of a Georgia attorney experienced in these types of case.

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