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Is Fido trying to tell you something?

If you're one of many dog lovers in Georgia, you may own one or more of these furry companions yourself or enjoy interacting with other people's pets. If you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood, you may regularly encounter the canine species as you go about your daily activities. It's all well and good unless another person's dog causes you or loved one injury. Beyond the initial physical pain of a dog bite, the aftermath of such incidents can be quite challenging in many ways.

Studies show dogs tend to exhibit certain behavior signs ahead of time that may signal when attacks are about to occur. However, you are certainly not responsible for keeping track of your neighbors' or strangers' dogs, and that's why the law allows you to seek compensation for damages if you suffer injury because another person's dog bites you. Knowing your rights and where to turn for help when needed can expedite the process of seeking justice following a dog bite incident.

Be on alert if you notice a dog showing any of these signs

Some dogs are naturally active and friendly toward humans while others prefer keeping to themselves or hanging out with other dogs. It's not your job to police all the dogs in your neighborhood, but it may be helpful if you learn to recognize signs of a potential problem, such as those listed below:

  • If a dog is visibly trying walk away or is turning its head away when a human approaches, it's a sign that the dog is not comfortable with the situation.
  • Any dog that suddenly begins acting nervous, by scratching, shaking as though wet and trying to dry off, or licking itself may also be signaling that it is distressed, which may mean it is about to bite.
  • Not all bites are intended to attack. Some dogs bite or nip at other dogs or people as a form of play. Even playful bites can break through human skin and cause significant injury. It's not always possible to know whether a dog is playing or acting aggressively; either way, teeth showing, growling or even yawning may be signs that trouble lies ahead.
  • If a dog feels threatened or thinks someone is provoking it, its instincts to attack or defend its territory, property or owner may kick in quite suddenly. If you think a dog looks like it is going to bite, it probably is, and it's best to distance yourself as quickly and safely as possible.

Medical attention is definitely warranted even in cases where dog bites appear rather minor. Such injuries are often prone to infection and more serious bites may require stitches or surgery as treatment. You're likely already aware of how expensive even a single trip to an emergency room might be. However, why should you have to pay for the expenses associated with an injury you suffered because another person's dog bit you?

The answer is: You shouldn't

Many Georgia dog bite victims recover their losses by asking personal injury attorneys to file legal claims on their behalves against those deemed liable for their dogs' aggressive behaviors. 

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