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Makers of Mary B's biscuits may face products liability claims

It seems as though there is always another food item being recalled due to some sort of contamination. Bacteria such a E. Coli, listeria and others find their way into all kinds of foods that can lead to serious health consequences and, in some cases, death. The contamination of yet another product sold here in Georgia could end up leading to products liability claims.

Numerous lots of Mary B's biscuits are the subject of a recall due to possible Listeria contamination. Hom/Ade Foods, Inc. says that an outside co-packer discovered the issue during a product sampling. The affected products include frozen biscuits with an "M" immediately following "use by" dates prior to Sept. 28, 2018. Information indicates that the biscuit products involved in the recall are the ones that must be cooked prior to eating.

The elderly, young children and frail people, along with anyone with a weakened immune system, could suffer serious health consequences from Listeria monocytogenes. In pregnant women, the bacteria can cause stillbirths or miscarriages. Healthy people could still suffer high fever, abdominal pain and severe headaches, along with nausea, diarrhea and stiffness, which should only last temporarily.

For those Georgia residents who find they are suffering from more serious health problems as a result of consuming a tainted food product, the results could be catastrophic. Manufacturers, suppliers and others may be held financially responsible for those injuries through the filing of a products liability claim. In order to know whether that action is appropriate in a particular case, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney.

Source: foodsafetynews.com, "Biscuits pulled in 23 states for Listeria risk; Mary B's this time", Kelsey M. Mackin, Jan. 9, 2018

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