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Seeking compensation for asbestos-related illnesses in Georgia

Finding out that a substance you were exposed to decades ago is now harming your health and may shorten your life can be a difficult blow. Many Georgia residents face this situation when they find out that they now suffer from an asbestos-related illness resulting from decades' old exposure. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering whether you can pursue compensation for your current health condition.

As it turns out, the United States does provide an avenue for people in your situation to seek restitution for an asbestos-related illness. Here in Georgia, you will need to prove that you were exposed to a product containing the toxic substance at least one time. It is not necessary for you to establish repeated or chronic exposure in order to prevail in a claim.

If you happened to work for several companies using a product containing asbestos or worked in an environment with several asbestos-containing products, you will not necessarily need to prove your exposure to one specific product. However, you will need to prove at least one instance of exposure. You may also need to locate a former co-worker who also worked around the same product or products containing asbestos who can identify you as having worked in the same environment with the same product or products.

As you can imagine, this may be a challenging undertaking considering the fact that many asbestos-related illnesses, mesothelioma in particular, may not manifest for decades after exposure. For this reason alone, it may be to your benefit to have a legal advocate on your side who routinely handles these types of cases here in Georgia. The appropriate compassion and experience could provide you with much needed restitution to help with your current and future medical needs.

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