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Mesothelioma case settled

The average Georgia resident spends a considerable portion of his or her life working to take care of the family. After these years of hard work, the individual expects to be able to spend his or her golden years visiting with the grandchildren or perhaps traveling and experiencing new adventures. Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available for all to enjoy. Some will spend these precious years battling diseases such as mesothelioma that are the result of these years of hard work.

In 2013, one out-of-state man died after suffering from mesothelioma as the result of asbestos exposure over a number of years. According to information provided by the victim's family, the 80-year-old man had been repeatedly exposed to such products throughout the normal course of his employment. Following the man's death, his wife filed suit against the companies that distributed the products containing asbestos to her husband's work sites.

This lawsuit recently reached the court docket and a jury was selected. However, prior to opening arguments, the parties involved reached a confidential settlement in the case. While details of the settlement are unknown, it can be assumed that the victim's family has received some financial relief regarding the loss of their loved one.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that often goes undetected until it is too late. As it is typically caused by asbestos exposure, it is also a cancer that is preventable. If a Georgia resident is diagnosed with this disease, there may be legal recourse available to assist with the financial and emotional turmoil that the victim and his or her family will face.

Source: watertowndailytimes.com, "Confidential settlement reached in five-year-old mesothelioma-based asbestos case", W.T. Eckert, March 16, 2018

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