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Supposedly, employees 'doged a bullet' re asbestos exposure

In some cases, hurricanes reveal other dangers in their aftermath. For instance, old buildings here in Georgia and elsewhere that may contain materials made with asbestos could sustain damage and release the toxic substances into the air. Anyone in those buildings could suffer exposure to asbestos. The question remains whether even minimal exposure to the mineral's fibers or dust is safe.

This may be the question on the minds of nine workers in a nearby state. They worked in an old jail damaged in a hurricane in Aug. 2017. The building was evacuated just this February due to asbestos. One survey indicated that the damaged walls in the building released a concentration of asbestos of only 2 percent.

Further testing indicated that any exposure the workers in Bastrop County, Texas suffered was only minimal. One source said that the workers "dodged a bullet" when it comes to exposure to this toxic substance. Even so, it was recommended that the workers undergo medical examinations to determine their individual levels of risk. Workers' compensation may cover the cost of those exams. The problem is that it may not be known for years whether the "minimal" exposure caused any lasting harm.

Many say that any exposure to asbestos could result in adverse health consequences in the future. There may be no safe levels of this toxic substance, but only time will tell. Anyone here in Georgia who finds him or herself in a similar situation may benefit from understanding the legal rights and options available. Starting a paper trail and retaining important information regarding the details of the exposure could prove valuable at some point in the future.

Source: statesman.com, "Report: Bastrop County workers had minimal asbestos exposure", Brandon Mulder, Feb. 21, 2018

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