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Dog bite can lead to premises liability claim

A simple walk around the block or a visit to catch up with the family next door are events that occur in Georgia neighborhoods on a regular basis. Homeowners are aware of this fact and often take precautions to make sure that obstacles that could be a hazard are removed. These homeowners know that if someone is injured on their property or injury is caused by something they own, they could face premises liability issues.

Animals are a prime concern for all involved. Individuals attempt to walk around the block and are accosted by dogs allowed to run unattended. Or, while visiting a neighbor, an individual is attacked by the family dog. Unfortunately, some dogs react in an unexpected manner and cause injury to individuals. Depending upon the circumstances, the injured individual may have a premises liability claim.

In other cases, owners are aware of their dog's hostile nature. Yet, they allow the dog to run free or be present when individuals are visiting or making deliveries to their property. Again, these individual run the risk of premises liability concerns.

Recently, a postal worker was attacked by a dog as she attempted to deliver mail. After suffering both physical and emotional injury, this worker now finds it difficult to perform her job when dogs are present. It is unknown if she has filed a claim against the owner.

When a Georgia resident suffers injury in such a manner, the first step is to seek medical attention. Then, decisions regarding the next step need to be considered. In some instances, the appropriate next step is to discuss a premises liability claim with experienced legal counsel.

Source: wfmynews2.com, "Postal worker says she's traumatized after dog bite", Janson Silvers, April 12, 2018

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