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Were you exposed to asbestos that was friable?

The air you breathe greatly impacts your health. Long ago, it was common for doctors to send medical patients to places with 'fresh, clean air' to help treat various respiratory illnesses or improve overall health conditions. Nowadays, you may still be at risk for infection or illness if you breathe polluted air. Asbestos is a known pollutant that often causes serious health problems.  

Certain surroundings and products increase your risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma. This is an incurable cancer that many Georgia factory workers and others who were exposed to asbestos have suffered. Asbestos is most dangerous when the products or materials containing it are friable. The more you know about friability, as well as what support resources are available to help you if you suffer asbestos injury, the better. 

Friable means 'able to crumble' 

Have you ever scooped up a pile of garden soil in your hand to test how easily it crumbles? Avid gardeners often strive to achieve a certain quality level of soil in their gardens. For them, having friable soil is the main goal. In other situations, such as locations where asbestos is present, friability increases your risk of danger. The following list includes friability information that may be helpful in your particular situation: 

  • Asbestos is least dangerous when it is left undisturbed.  
  • Sprayed insulation is one of the highest risk asbestos-containing materials because it is extremely friable.  
  • Other products that often contain asbestos, such as ceiling tiles, flooring, shingles and cabinetry, can be equally dangerous if they become friable. This can occur if such products get wet or soggy, or someone disturbs their components by scraping, hammering, drilling or buffing them.  
  • Factories, shipyards, schools, libraries and older homes are often high-risk locations for asbestos exposure.  

If you purchase an older home, it's always best to have certified inspectors test it for asbestos. When you work in a place that contains asbestos, your employer is obligated to inform you of the risks, as well as to properly train you and provide all necessary equipment to keep you safe on the job.  

Some Georgia physicians are highly experienced in treating mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. While most treatment is palliative in nature, you have the right to seek care that helps you obtain as high a quality of life as possible in light of your illness. You may also wish to address certain asbestos-related matters in court. If so, seeking guidance from someone experienced in asbestos litigation may be the best course of action.

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