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May 2018 Archives

Asbestos concerns in USDA building

At some point in time, it often becomes necessary to renovate an existing building. Perhaps the Georgia building is showing signs of age and needs updating, or perhaps the building's design is not conducive to optimum performance. When these renovations do begin, it is often necessary to take steps to ensure that those working in and around the renovated area are protected. There are numerous dangers associated with renovation work, including the possible exposure to asbestos in older buildings.

Premises liability: Typical consequences of accidental falls

A slip-and-fall accident frequently hurts much more than the victim's pride. Many premises liability lawsuits filed by consumers in Georgia follow trip-and-fall accidents. Although these two types of accidents seem similar, the physics differ, and the kinds of injuries they cause are entirely different. When someone slips, he or she typically falls backward, while a trip over an object or a loose rug usually causes the victim to fall forward. The fall direction and the victim's age typically plays a role in the severity of the injuries.

Products liability claim: Can surgical device cause infection?

Operating rooms are designed to be a sterile environment. Georgia medical personnel go to great lengths to scrub and remove any possible contaminates from themselves and the tools they use. Numerous steps are taken to ensure that the room is clean and free of germs that can cause infections or other harm to the patient. Yet, there are now reports of a device being used in some surgical procedures that can lead to infection in an open wound, and a products liability lawsuit has been filed.

Children and adult workers exposed to asbestos

The safety of children should be a priority in any environment in which children learn and/or live. It is expected that these environments will be free from harmful materials. Additionally, if a harmful substance is discovered, Georgia parents expect to be notified of the potential danger and the steps that are being taken to rectify the situation. In other words, if asbestos is discovered in a building in which their children are spending a considerable amount of time, expect to be made aware of the situation and what is being done about the problem.

Products liability claim could result from product recall concern

Consumers expect the products they purchase to perform as advertised and to be safe to use. If either of these fails to happen, the Georgia consumer will likely be disappointed or worse. In the case of items not being safe to use, there could be a products liability issue to be considered.

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