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Products liability claim: Can surgical device cause infection?

Operating rooms are designed to be a sterile environment. Georgia medical personnel go to great lengths to scrub and remove any possible contaminates from themselves and the tools they use. Numerous steps are taken to ensure that the room is clean and free of germs that can cause infections or other harm to the patient. Yet, there are now reports of a device being used in some surgical procedures that can lead to infection in an open wound, and a products liability lawsuit has been filed.

The Bair Hugger is used in many operating rooms as a device to keep the patient's body temperature at a normal level. This warming device sits on the floor and fills a "blanket" with warm air. The purpose of such a device is to maintain body temperature, which then reduces bleeding, decreases the risk of infection and assists with the healing process. However, there are instances where this device has allegedly been linked to causing infection.

In the particular case about to go to trial, the patient was undergoing hop replacement surgery. The Bair Hugger was used during his surgery, and the man claims that this device was responsible for introducing bacteria into his open surgical wound causing a serious infection to develop. A second surgery was later required due to the infection.

Companies are charged with developing and marketing products that are safe for the consumer. When a Georgia resident is harmed as the result of a product that is not safe, there may be various products liability issues that need to be addressed. Experienced legal counsel can help guide the individual in the appropriate direction.

Source: postbulletin.com, "3M's patient warming device goes on trial in Minneapolis", Joe Carlson, May 14, 2018

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