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Apartment residents evacuated as asbestos exposed

Most weeknights one will find the majority of Georgia residents tucked in their beds resting before the next work day. But, when hazmat and health officials knock on the door ordering all apartment residents to vacate because of possible asbestos exposure, the thought of sleep quickly diminishes. In fact, rather than worry about lack of sleep, these residents now have much more to worry about.

After receiving an anonymous report of asbestos debris in a common area, an inspection was begun. Apparently, contractors had been renovating a recently vacated unit. As a part of the renovation, they removed the popcorn ceiling. Debris from the renovation had been left in the common area adjacent to the hallway. Residents were exposed to this debris as they walked by it on a daily basis.

Late one night recently, hazmat and health officials ordered all apartment residents out of the building. They had to leave all belongings, including vehicles, and undergo contamination procedures. It is unknown when those affected will be allowed to return to their apartment.

Asbestos is commonly found in older buildings such as this apartment building. Great care and specific procedures must be taken when construction is undertaken and asbestos may be present. Otherwise, those exposed to the asbestos may later suffer from conditions such as mesothelioma or other cancers.

In a situation such as this one, numerous individuals have been exposed to this cancer causing material. If a Georgia resident finds him or herself in a similar situation, medical attention should be the first consideration. Then, addressing the situation through legal means may need to be the next step.

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