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Children's nasal spray recalled due to products liability concern

As far as most Georgia parents are concerned, their children's health is of primary importance. When a child is sick, the concerned parent will give over-the-counter medication if the illness appears to be a minor one. Additionally, if the child suffers from allergies, doctors often recommend, and parents often give over-the-counter allergy medications to the child. These medications are generally assumed to be safe and free from products liability concerns.

In giving medication to a child, the parent will often watch to make sure that the child does not suffer any of the noted side effects that have been listed as possibilities. Additionally, the parent checks to see if the child responds to the medication. If not, a different medication may be better.

Parents often select medications based upon their advertising, doctor recommendations, friend recommendations and reputation of the company. They trust that the medication has been properly handled and will benefit their child. They do recognize that the medication may not completely solve the problem, but they do not believe that it will add to it.

Recently, however, one children's hay fever nasal spray was found to be contaminated with glass particles. In addition to the possibility that these particles would prevent the medication from being properly dispensed, they also had the potential to damage a child's nostrils. The company recognized the problem and issued a recall.

In the event that one's child was injured by a contaminated product such as this one, the parents may have a viable products liability claim. Successful litigation could provide the means necessary to recover from any damage that the product caused. If a Georgia resident finds himself or herself in this situation, experienced legal counsel can provide the guidance necessary to determine if litigation is the best option.

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