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Jury awards over $12 million in products liability case

Georgia residents often undergo surgery as a means to alleviate medical problems. They are looking for relief from pain, removal of a concerning mass or other such benefit. With all of the medical precautions and procedures in place, it is generally assumed that the methods and products used within the operating room are safe and will do more good than harm to the individual. When this is not the case, there may be a products liability concern that should be addressed.

In 2009, a woman had the Prolift mesh system implanted in her abdomen. The purpose of this product is to prevent internal organs from falling and perhaps exiting the body. She began experiencing problems with the mesh and underwent three additional surgeries to remove it.

During the trial, medical experts asserted that the mesh's design was defective. Additionally, testimony indicated that the manufacturer of the product did not provide adequate safety warnings regarding the harmful potential associated with the Prolift mesh system. Additionally, evidence suggests that the company was aware of the potential design concerns. The jury in this case awarded over $12 million to the plaintiff. A state appeals court has recently upheld this verdict.

The majority of surgical procedures offer the benefits that the Georgia patient is looking for. Yet, when something does go wrong and there is a possibility that products liability is involved, the individual may benefit by seeking resolution through the court system. Experienced legal counsel can review the case and make recommendations regarding the appropriate steps for legal recourse.

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