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Beware of possible porducts liability situations!

Millions of people in Georgia and beyond shop online at Amazon. Many rely on customer reviews and product alerts to guide them toward the best deals and highest quality products. Sometimes consumers avoid potentially hazardous situations when they learn that a particular product has been recalled because it is defective. Sadly, sometimes they learn such products liability information too late.  

A best-selling product on Amazon was recently reported as defective. Given the fact that the product is a carbon monoxide detector, such a defect could definitely be life-threatening to consumers. In this case, the device is said to have failed to detect lethal carbon monoxide gases in at least 80 percent of tests. This, of course, translates to a mere 20 out of 100 successful attempts, not very good odds for people using the device in their homes or businesses.  

A consumer advocate agency in another country reported the defective product. It was estimated that tens of thousands of homes in the United States have the product installed. Those who own carbon monoxide detectors are encouraged to check updated recall lists to see if their devices are included on a recall list.  

Products liability claims are often filed in Georgia and beyond when people suffer injuries due to defective products. Even minor injuries can impede a person's ability to carry out his or her daily functions. In worst cases, fatalities may occur if a particular product fails to do what it is meant to do, such as detect dangerous gases in the air. 

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