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Asbestos exposure could occur from its improper removal

Renovation projects often require the removal of materials that are intended for replacement such as tiles, drywall and other building materials. Under federal and Georgia law, if any toxic substances such as asbestos are discovered during the renovation process, they must be removed in such a way that they do not cause harm to anyone. Otherwise, it could put anyone in the vicinity in jeopardy of inhaling or ingesting the dust or fibers, which could lead to serious and deadly conditions.

Secondary asbestos exposure is a risk

Some jobs have more inherent dangers than others. Although companies and workers take a number of safety precautions, accidents happen and workers become injured. In some cases, workers suffer exposure to substances that can cause illness. While the Georgia worker recognizes the possible dangers associated with the job, he or she does not typically recognize the possible dangers, such as asbestos exposure, that his or her family can face as well.

School children possibly exposed to asbestos

Protecting children is just one of the many mandates that parents, teachers and school officials adhere to. Georgia school personnel attend training sessions and classes practice what to do in the event of a fire, tornado, earthquake, intruder or other such dangerous situation. Yet, one school has found itself with a dangerous situation in the form of asbestos for which it was not prepared.

Apartment residents evacuated as asbestos exposed

Most weeknights one will find the majority of Georgia residents tucked in their beds resting before the next work day. But, when hazmat and health officials knock on the door ordering all apartment residents to vacate because of possible asbestos exposure, the thought of sleep quickly diminishes. In fact, rather than worry about lack of sleep, these residents now have much more to worry about.

Asbestos concerns in USDA building

At some point in time, it often becomes necessary to renovate an existing building. Perhaps the Georgia building is showing signs of age and needs updating, or perhaps the building's design is not conducive to optimum performance. When these renovations do begin, it is often necessary to take steps to ensure that those working in and around the renovated area are protected. There are numerous dangers associated with renovation work, including the possible exposure to asbestos in older buildings.

Children and adult workers exposed to asbestos

The safety of children should be a priority in any environment in which children learn and/or live. It is expected that these environments will be free from harmful materials. Additionally, if a harmful substance is discovered, Georgia parents expect to be notified of the potential danger and the steps that are being taken to rectify the situation. In other words, if asbestos is discovered in a building in which their children are spending a considerable amount of time, expect to be made aware of the situation and what is being done about the problem.

Asbestos exposure can be a serious health risk

Every day, Georgia residents wake up, get dressed and go to work. They work in schools, office buildings, industrial complexes, construction sites and numerous other environments. Regardless of the environment, the employee expects that the work location will be a safe environment. When concerns such as asbestos come to light, it is anticipated that the concern will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Supposedly, employees 'doged a bullet' re asbestos exposure

In some cases, hurricanes reveal other dangers in their aftermath. For instance, old buildings here in Georgia and elsewhere that may contain materials made with asbestos could sustain damage and release the toxic substances into the air. Anyone in those buildings could suffer exposure to asbestos. The question remains whether even minimal exposure to the mineral's fibers or dust is safe.

Seeking compensation for asbestos-related illnesses in Georgia

Finding out that a substance you were exposed to decades ago is now harming your health and may shorten your life can be a difficult blow. Many Georgia residents face this situation when they find out that they now suffer from an asbestos-related illness resulting from decades' old exposure. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering whether you can pursue compensation for your current health condition.

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