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Supposedly, employees 'doged a bullet' re asbestos exposure

In some cases, hurricanes reveal other dangers in their aftermath. For instance, old buildings here in Georgia and elsewhere that may contain materials made with asbestos could sustain damage and release the toxic substances into the air. Anyone in those buildings could suffer exposure to asbestos. The question remains whether even minimal exposure to the mineral's fibers or dust is safe.

Seeking compensation for asbestos-related illnesses in Georgia

Finding out that a substance you were exposed to decades ago is now harming your health and may shorten your life can be a difficult blow. Many Georgia residents face this situation when they find out that they now suffer from an asbestos-related illness resulting from decades' old exposure. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering whether you can pursue compensation for your current health condition.

Officials uncover violations re the removal of asbestos at hotel

When a company in Georgia or elsewhere attempts to remove hazardous or harmful materials, it will generally hire someone with experience in the area to prevent unnecessary exposure. Using individuals who lack the required knowledge to remove materials such as asbestos can prove dangerous. A hotel in another state has recently been fined a substantial sum after the owner reportedly hired untrained workers to remove asbestos from the building.

Has your doctor diagnosed you with an asbestos-related illness?

It could take years for you to suffer the adverse effects from exposure to a toxic substance. This is often the case with asbestos-related illnesses. In some cases, it takes decades for the exposure you suffered here in Georgia or elsewhere to result in a debilitating and/or deadly health condition such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

Improper asbestos abatement puts lives at risk

Whether a building is being torn down or renovated, owners and general contractors need to remain cautious. Many older buildings still consist of materials containing asbestos, and if not properly removed, this toxic substance can wreak havoc on the health of workers at the sight, and possibly even people in the surrounding area. This is why Georgia and the federal government require certain measures to be taken during asbestos abatement projects.

Potential revision to Toxic Substances Control Act re asbestos

Some substances are so carcinogenic that they should not be used under any circumstances. Anyone here in Georgia (or anywhere else for that matter) who has ever contracted a disease related to asbestos exposure would more than likely agree that this toxic substance should be completely banned. Some members of the U.S. Senate agree as well.

Contractor files lawsuit regarding improper disposal of asbestos

Companies in Georgia and elsewhere may take great care in the disposal of hazardous materials. Materials such as asbestos can be dangerous, and failing to protect others from exposure can result in disaster. A contractor in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against environmental officials who they claim have failed to crack down on the improper disposal of asbestos.

Make no mistake, asbestos is a toxic substance

These days, there seem to be plenty of toxic substances that threaten the health of people here in Georgia and across the county. That may make hearing about a substance that is not in use as much as others are a bit confusing. Asbestos may not be used as much today as it was 40 or 50 years ago, but it continues to plague those exposed to it and still exists in older structures and products.

Demolition can stir up asbestos and put a stop to construction

Here in Georgia, as elsewhere across the United States, many buildings still contain building materials made from toxic substances. One of the most prevalent is asbestos. When buildings are demolished in order to renovate or build new structures, this toxic material could be stirred up and necessitate all construction efforts to stop until asbestos abatement can occur. Until the matter is dealt with, it could cause a great deal of trepidation for those living or working near the site.

Are you at risk for asbestos exposure?

You may be like other Georgia residents who believe that certain toxic substances are no longer a concern, especially in your everyday life, because the government regulates them and does not allow them to be used. One of those products is asbestos. It may surprise you to learn that you may still be exposed to this naturally occurring but toxic substance in a variety of ways.

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