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21 injured in shopping center in possible gas explosion

Georgia residents may be interested to know that just before 11:30 a.m. on July 6, firefighters in the town of Plantation, Florida, received a call about an explosion in a shopping center. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found an active gas leak with ruptured gas lines amid the debris. While it has not been confirmed yet, the incident was most likely a gas explosion.

CPSC: toddlers at high risk for drowning in summer

Summer is the worst season for drowning incidents as many Georgia residents with a pool or spa can easily imagine. June, which marks the start of summer, is the month with the highest rate of fatal drowning incidents, according to a new report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Businesses seek to escape liability with mandatory waivers

People in Georgia may wonder about the legal impact of the waivers they are asked to sign before participating in activities at gyms, bounce houses, water parks and other public entertainment venues. They may not be certain about their rights if they are seriously injured while engaging in activities at these locations. In some cases, these releases may be effective in disclaiming liability; in other cases, the businesses in question may remain responsible for the damages done.

Woman sustains fatal injuries after falling down subway stairs

In Georgia and elsewhere in the country, business owners have a legal responsibility to keep areas accessible to the public as safe as possible. In one incident involving a subway in New York City, a 22-year-old woman reportedly took a tumble down a flight of stairs and died from her injuries. She was said to be carrying her baby in a stroller at the time the accident occurred. The subway station is one of hundreds in New York City without an elevator.

Attractive nuisances: an overview

Children are curious and liable to enter others' property if something there attracts them. Such items are called attractive nuisances under Georgia law, and property owners have a special duty to ensure that these items do not bring any harm to children. This duty stands even when the children are trespassers. The courts differ in their definition of a child, so it may be that teens are also included under the law.

What type of settlements dog bite victims can be eligible for

Dog bite victims in Georgia should know what is involved in striving for a settlement that covers their injuries and other losses. There are certain requirements that must be met for a claim to be successful. First of all, veterinarians, dog groomers and dog trainers are almost always ineligible for compensation either from their insurance company or from a dog owner. Professional canine handlers legally assume the risk of dog bites and so cannot seek damages.

Slip and falls on small business properties: an overview

Slip-and-fall accidents are behind many premises liability claims in Georgia. Small business owners must ensure a reasonably safe property under premises liability law, so they will want to review the following information. First of all, even those who are renting a property have a duty of care to entrants, and these can include customers, vendors and employees. Trespassers are partially protected.

Can I name the property owner in my premises liability suit?

Suffering an injury on another person's property can severely complicate a person's life. Aside from the physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma of an unexpected injury, the financial burden from accompanying medical bills may feel like too much to bear for some Georgia victims. Fortunately, it is possible to recover compensation related to such injuries through the careful actions of a premises liability suit, in which the owner is usually held responsible.

Premises liability: Typical consequences of accidental falls

A slip-and-fall accident frequently hurts much more than the victim's pride. Many premises liability lawsuits filed by consumers in Georgia follow trip-and-fall accidents. Although these two types of accidents seem similar, the physics differ, and the kinds of injuries they cause are entirely different. When someone slips, he or she typically falls backward, while a trip over an object or a loose rug usually causes the victim to fall forward. The fall direction and the victim's age typically plays a role in the severity of the injuries.

Dog bite can lead to premises liability claim

A simple walk around the block or a visit to catch up with the family next door are events that occur in Georgia neighborhoods on a regular basis. Homeowners are aware of this fact and often take precautions to make sure that obstacles that could be a hazard are removed. These homeowners know that if someone is injured on their property or injury is caused by something they own, they could face premises liability issues.

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