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Treatments for mesothelioma continue to evolve

The medical community continues to struggle to find a way to cure asbestos-related illnesses. In many cases, doctors can only make patients here in Georgia and elsewhere suffering from these conditions, including mesothelioma, comfortable. There may not yet be a cure for the rare and life-threatening disease, but many treatments may help with the condition and stop its progression if even for a short time.

The search for a cure for mesothelioma continues

Asbestos has not been as widely used in the past few decades as it had been prior to the 1980s, but that has not stopped this naturally occurring mineral from continuing to affect the lives of people here in Georgia and elsewhere in the country. Instances of mesothelioma continue to occur, which increases the incubation period of the disease to up to 40 years after exposure. Saying that, you might assume this means that only older individuals suffer from the condition, but that is not necessarily the case. Making matters worse is the fact that no cure exists.

The physical, emotional and financial effects of mesothelioma

After hoping that you escaped the ill effects of working with asbestos decades ago, a Georgia doctor recently delivered some bad news. Sadly, the symptoms you experienced, and continue to experience, result from mesothelioma. Now, you are left to deal with the physical, emotional and financial aftermath of that diagnosis.

Products marketed to children show mesothelioma concerns

Talcum powder, makeup and crayons are all a right of passage for many Georgia girls. These products are often an everyday part of one's life. As such, the parent who purchases the product and the individual who uses the product assumes that they are safe; they do not assume that the product could be a danger to the child and possibly cause mesothelioma later on.

"Right to Try" legislation and mesothelioma patients

There is a lot of talk and publicity regarding one's rights. One of the most recent rights addressed is the Georgia resident's "Right to Try." Under this new legislation, terminally ill patients are given the right to try experimental drugs that have not been fully cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For some mesothelioma patients, this may offer an element of hope.

Mesothelioma case settled

The average Georgia resident spends a considerable portion of his or her life working to take care of the family. After these years of hard work, the individual expects to be able to spend his or her golden years visiting with the grandchildren or perhaps traveling and experiencing new adventures. Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available for all to enjoy. Some will spend these precious years battling diseases such as mesothelioma that are the result of these years of hard work.

Diagnosed with mesothelioma? Here's what to expect next

Your doctors may be telling you what you can expect after your diagnosis, but that is not quite what this is about. This is about dealing with the fallout that happens after a Georgia doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness such as mesothelioma. While your doctors work on making you comfortable and exploring treatment options, you are probably dealing with other things.

Did talc in powder cause man's mesothelioma?

Like most everyone else in the country, many Georgia residents picture building materials, brakes or other products when asked about asbestos exposure. More than likely, talc powder probably does not come to mind. Even so, an out-of-state man claims that it caused him to contract mesothelioma.

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