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Dog bite can lead to premises liability claim

A simple walk around the block or a visit to catch up with the family next door are events that occur in Georgia neighborhoods on a regular basis. Homeowners are aware of this fact and often take precautions to make sure that obstacles that could be a hazard are removed. These homeowners know that if someone is injured on their property or injury is caused by something they own, they could face premises liability issues.

Animals are a prime concern for all involved. Individuals attempt to walk around the block and are accosted by dogs allowed to run unattended. Or, while visiting a neighbor, an individual is attacked by the family dog. Unfortunately, some dogs react in an unexpected manner and cause injury to individuals. Depending upon the circumstances, the injured individual may have a premises liability claim.

$37 million awarded in mesothelioma case

Talcum powder is a staple in many Georgia bathrooms and nurseries. Men and women alike use the powder as a part of their daily hygiene ritual. Mothers often use it to keep their precious babies' bottoms dry. Yet, there are recent cases in which talcum powder has been linked to mesothelioma.

In one such case, a man sued Johnson & Johnson, claiming that its baby powder product ultimately led to his mesothelioma. According to the man, he used this product for over thirty years. While using the product, he was exposed to its dust which he naturally inhaled. This ongoing exposure apparently culminated in his contraction of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer.

Were you exposed to asbestos that was friable?

The air you breathe greatly impacts your health. Long ago, it was common for doctors to send medical patients to places with 'fresh, clean air' to help treat various respiratory illnesses or improve overall health conditions. Nowadays, you may still be at risk for infection or illness if you breathe polluted air. Asbestos is a known pollutant that often causes serious health problems.  

Certain surroundings and products increase your risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma. This is an incurable cancer that many Georgia factory workers and others who were exposed to asbestos have suffered. Asbestos is most dangerous when the products or materials containing it are friable. The more you know about friability, as well as what support resources are available to help you if you suffer asbestos injury, the better. 

Asbestos exposure can be a serious health risk

Every day, Georgia residents wake up, get dressed and go to work. They work in schools, office buildings, industrial complexes, construction sites and numerous other environments. Regardless of the environment, the employee expects that the work location will be a safe environment. When concerns such as asbestos come to light, it is anticipated that the concern will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Yet, employees at one East Point city building claim that asbestos concerns within their building have not been properly addressed. Reports suggest that the possibility of asbestos within the building have been known for some time; however, the building was purchased and employees were given work space within the building. According to employee reports, some employees have suffered from rashes and respiratory conditions as a result of working in this environment.

Products liability claims can result from incorrect labeling

Rashes, hives, sinus problems, watery eyes, difficulty breathing - these are all symptoms associated with an allergic reaction. While some reactions present only minor problems, some Georgia allergy sufferers can have severe reactions to certain allergens. For this reason, the typical individual will go to great lengths to avoid products or environments that trigger such an attack. Environmental factors are usually fairly easy to spot; however, products require labeling to notify the consumer regarding specific items contained within the product. When this labeling is not accurate, the individual can suffer, and the product's company can face charges related to products liability.

Individuals who suffer from allergic reactions typically know which products are safe for them to use. When a cold comes on, the individual is able to go to the store and quickly identify those remedies that he or she is able to take. When a new product becomes available, this same individual will most likely read the product label to make sure that it meets his or her needs as well as avoids potential allergens.

Mesothelioma case settled

The average Georgia resident spends a considerable portion of his or her life working to take care of the family. After these years of hard work, the individual expects to be able to spend his or her golden years visiting with the grandchildren or perhaps traveling and experiencing new adventures. Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available for all to enjoy. Some will spend these precious years battling diseases such as mesothelioma that are the result of these years of hard work.

In 2013, one out-of-state man died after suffering from mesothelioma as the result of asbestos exposure over a number of years. According to information provided by the victim's family, the 80-year-old man had been repeatedly exposed to such products throughout the normal course of his employment. Following the man's death, his wife filed suit against the companies that distributed the products containing asbestos to her husband's work sites.

Faulty highchairs could turn into products liability claims

Protecting their children is a preoccupation with many Georgia parents. They try to make sure that their homes are "baby-proofed," having toys do not present choking hazards and clothes that are flame retardant. Internet research and talking with other parents helps them choose products designed for safety. So what happens when a defective product leads to tragedy? Those parents whose children suffer injuries from these dangerous items may file products liability claims seeking restitution and justice.

Graco, the popular manufacturer of children's' items, recently announced the recall of approximately 3,600 highchairs here in the United States due to reports of children falling. The back leg of the highchair could "turn out of position," which could cause the child in it to fall out of it. Even though the only injury reports at this point are bumps and bruises, the potential for serious injuries exists.

Supposedly, employees 'doged a bullet' re asbestos exposure

In some cases, hurricanes reveal other dangers in their aftermath. For instance, old buildings here in Georgia and elsewhere that may contain materials made with asbestos could sustain damage and release the toxic substances into the air. Anyone in those buildings could suffer exposure to asbestos. The question remains whether even minimal exposure to the mineral's fibers or dust is safe.

This may be the question on the minds of nine workers in a nearby state. They worked in an old jail damaged in a hurricane in Aug. 2017. The building was evacuated just this February due to asbestos. One survey indicated that the damaged walls in the building released a concentration of asbestos of only 2 percent.

Asbestos dangers: Are you at risk?

Depending on your lifestyle, current employment status and workplace location, you may be at risk for health-related hazards related to asbestos. The trouble is that most illnesses associated with asbestos exposure develop slowly and without immediate apparent symptoms. By the time a doctor diagnoses your illness, the disease may already have reached an advanced stage. If you're aware of hazards ahead of time and your employer fulfills his or her obligations to keep you safe, you may be able to lower your risk.

Asbestos danger is usually greatest in older buildings and certain types of occupations. For instance, if you work in a shipyard, textile factory, or in the construction and renovation industry, you are at great risk for asbestos-related injury. Certain military duties, steel mill work and chemical plant jobs are also toward the top of most lists of high asbestos risk occupations. By researching asbestos-related illness and also seeking knowledge regarding support resources for those afflicted with such diseases, you can be proactive toward your own treatment if a problem arises.

Dog foods can be dangerous products, too

Many Georgia residents consider their dogs as part of the family. They carefully choose the foods they feed them in order to ensure they remain healthy and happy. However, even dog foods can be dangerous products as illustrated by the recent recall of several brands of dog food.

Arrow Reliance's Darwin's Natural and ZooLogics, Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Pet Food, Redbarn Pet Products' three-packs of seven-inch Bully Sticks dog chews and Smokehouse Pet Products' four-ounce bags of Beefy Munchies dog treats are all under recalls for salmonella contamination. Reports indicate that six pets died and two children got sick from one or more of these products. The zero tolerance policy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding contamination of pet food from harmful bacteria, including salmonella, means that manufacturers of dog food must apply the same standards to their products as those making human foods.

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