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Slip and falls on small business properties: an overview

Slip-and-fall accidents are behind many premises liability claims in Georgia. Small business owners must ensure a reasonably safe property under premises liability law, so they will want to review the following information. First of all, even those who are renting a property have a duty of care to entrants, and these can include customers, vendors and employees. Trespassers are partially protected.

The duty of care consists of maintaining a reasonably safe property free of dangerous conditions. Examples of dangerous conditions include potholes, broken sidewalks, narrow or poorly lit staircases, debris, wet floors and torn carpet. Building code violations also create dangerous conditions. Owners must fix such conditions within a reasonable amount of time, and if this cannot be done, they should set up warning signs or barriers.

Toy shopping safety tips for parents

With Black Friday and the holiday season fast approaching, many parents here in Georgia may be preparing for their holiday shopping. This includes starting to think about what toys to get for their kids this year.

When shopping for holiday gifts for their children, it is important for parents to keep safety in mind. Injury risks can come up in connection to toys. Things that could lead to such risks include kids being exposed to toys with harmful defects or kids playing with toys the aren’t age-appropriate for them.

The infection risks you face after a dog bite

While we usually wouldn't think our furry friends could transmit any viruses to us, in some cases you could catch some rather harmful bacteria from a dog.

Though these bacteria could be transmitted through an innocent lick, most infections happen when a dog has bitten deep into a person's tissue. And while rabies is usually highlighted as a main concern, there are actually several other risks you could face.

Treatments for mesothelioma continue to evolve

The medical community continues to struggle to find a way to cure asbestos-related illnesses. In many cases, doctors can only make patients here in Georgia and elsewhere suffering from these conditions, including mesothelioma, comfortable. There may not yet be a cure for the rare and life-threatening disease, but many treatments may help with the condition and stop its progression if even for a short time.

Whether breakthroughs come from failures in research or intentional discoveries, treatments continue to evolve. Immunotherapy may help to boost your immune system in order to destroy cancer cells. New medications could help prevent or stop the growth of cancerous tumors. 

Does talcum powder have asbestos in it?

At a trial held in St. Louis, MO in July of 2018, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay twenty two women over four billion dollars in damages after they developed ovarian cancer. The jury found their cancer was caused by talcum powder in products such as Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. A similar verdict was reached in a California court last year. 

The search for a cure for mesothelioma continues

Asbestos has not been as widely used in the past few decades as it had been prior to the 1980s, but that has not stopped this naturally occurring mineral from continuing to affect the lives of people here in Georgia and elsewhere in the country. Instances of mesothelioma continue to occur, which increases the incubation period of the disease to up to 40 years after exposure. Saying that, you might assume this means that only older individuals suffer from the condition, but that is not necessarily the case. Making matters worse is the fact that no cure exists.

Researchers continue to look for ways to cure mesothelioma, but to date, no one has done so successfully. However, treatments continue to improve the quality of life for sufferers, who often do not even receive a diagnosis until they only have as little as four months or as many of 18 months to live. This often means that while researchers look for a cure, the medical community simply wants to do what it can to provide victims with more time or as much comfort as possible in their final days.

Are dangerous products in the homes of Georgia residents?

Children's toys, canned goods and blenders are just some of the items that fill Georgia homes. In some cases, they are dangerous products subject to recalls by the companies that manufacture, distribute and sell them. However, the problem is that many of these notices either never or rarely make it to the consumers using the products involved, so they continue using them and could end up injured as a result.

Consumers could take matters into their own hands by signing up to receive notifications regarding recalls from the government agencies that oversee certain products. This includes agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and others. Before purchasing some products, especially used ones, it makes sense to conduct some research to determine whether they pose a danger.

Asbestos exposure could occur from its improper removal

Renovation projects often require the removal of materials that are intended for replacement such as tiles, drywall and other building materials. Under federal and Georgia law, if any toxic substances such as asbestos are discovered during the renovation process, they must be removed in such a way that they do not cause harm to anyone. Otherwise, it could put anyone in the vicinity in jeopardy of inhaling or ingesting the dust or fibers, which could lead to serious and deadly conditions.

A company on the East Coast decided to renovate a gym. As the renovations progressed, it was discovered that the building apparently contained asbestos. Despite this fact, the facility remained opened to the public, including children. The asbestos and the materials that contained it were not removed in accordance with the law.

Do your child's crayons pose risk for asbestosis?

Hundreds of thousands of private settlements have been made over product liability claims related to asbestos. Before discovering the dangerous effects of asbestos exposure, the material was typically used in the construction industry. However, asbestos can still be found in various odd objects today, such as your children's coloring crayons.

Tests from this year found that green Playskool crayons contain asbestos fibers.

Manufacturer's medication mix-up could cause irreparable harm

One of the most prevalent chronic conditions patients here in Georgia and elsewhere suffer from is high blood pressure. The medication options for helping control this issue are numerous, and it could take a period of trial and error for a doctor and patient to find the right medication, or combination of medications, that works. This makes the possibility of a manufacturer's medication mix-up even more distressing since a patient could suffer irreparable harm through no fault of the doctor or the patient.

Patients could suffer harm if the word of a recent recall fails to get to them in time. Accord Healthcare Inc. recently issued a recall for one of the lots of its high blood pressure medication after it was discovered that the wrong medication ended up in a bottle. The medication in question is its 100-count bottle of 12.5 mg hydrochlorothiazide tablets.

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