The links between asbestos exposure and larynx, ovarian cancer

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Undergoing exposure to asbestos fibers raises your risk of developing an asbestos-related disease, with mesothelioma among the most common conditions linked to asbestos exposure. Work-related asbestos exposure in Georgia is a frequent cause of mesothelioma. However, science also shows a link between asbestos exposure and your odds of developing other potentially deadly types of cancer.

Per the American Cancer Society, science shows a “clear link” between workplace exposure to asbestos and your chance of developing larynx or ovarian cancer.

Asbestos exposure and larynx cancer

If you work in an environment where you undergo regular exposure to asbestos, such as mining or in the textiles or construction industries, you are also at heightened risk for developing laryngeal cancer as a result of the ongoing exposure. This type of cancer typically involves tumors growing on your larynx. Common symptoms associated with it include halitosis, chronic cough and sore throat.

Asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer

Research also indicates that women who undergo asbestos exposure face an elevated risk of developing ovarian cancer. Women may expose themselves to harmful asbestos fibers in the workplace. However, science also suggests a link between the use of certain talc-containing hygiene products and a woman’s chance of developing ovarian cancer. Often, women who develop ovarian cancer due to asbestos exposure work in factories that produce textiles and similar environments.

Research also indicates that asbestos exposure may contribute to other types of cancer, such as colon, stomach and rectal cancer. However, researchers have not yet been able to make conclusive links between asbestos exposure and these other forms of cancer.